The materials on this site have been created  for the IB Theatre Assessments are based on the NEW curriculum - first assessment May 2024.

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The IB Diploma Program theatre course is a multifaceted theatre-making course of study. It gives YOU the opportunity to make theatre as creators, designers, directors and performers. It emphasizes the importance of working both
individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble. It offers the opportunity to engage actively in the creative process, transforming ideas into action as inquisitive and productive artists. 

Through the study of theatre, you will become aware of your own personal and cultural perspectives, developing an appreciation of the diversity of theatre practices, their processes and their modes of presentation. It will enable you to discover and engage with different forms of theatre across time, place and culture.

Inspired by Anthony Cunningham


This site was created as easy access to ideas and resources for the IB Theatre students of West Sound Academy. 

IB Theatre students and teachers are welcome to access these resources as well.  This site shares the understanding and ideas on IB Theatre from the perspective of an experienced, individual classroom teacher.
The site closely aligns with but does not reproduce copyrighted IBO materials. 

Teachers can access the IB Theatre Teacher Support Material by accessing their MyIB Account.

The official IB Diploma Programme Resource Centre is the one and only foundational reference point for all IB Theatre teachers. The IB Theatre Legacy (last assessment Nov 2023) and IB Theatre New Curriculum (first assessment 2024) together with teacher support and assessment materials are downloadable for FREE to anyone who visits this site.  This a non-profit resource center.

IB-Approved Workshops
(offered at three levels according to experience) should be the very next priority for both novice and veteran IB Theatre teachers.  You can contact the IBO directly to find out more information about Professional Development Opportunities or ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association.) ISTA is the centre of professional development for global teaching and learning through the arts and authorized to provide PD Training for IB Theatre teachers by the IBO.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the materials on this site or to link my site to yours. I enjoy collaborating across borders - political, geographical, curricular, and cultural.  If YOU have materials you would like to see on this site that you feel can be of support and assistance to students and fellow IB Theatre educators - please share them with me and I will cite you as the author/creator. I can be reached at 

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