The Journal

Students at both HL and SL should keep a journal from the outset of the course and each assessment project. This is the student’s own record, charting development, challenges and achievements, and, as such, students are free to determine what form it should take (written, audio and/or visual).

The aim of the journal is to support and nurture development and reflection, and it is expected that much of the students’ assessed work will emerge from it. Students should also be encouraged to explore connections between different areas of learning throughout the course.

The journal is not directly assessed or moderated but, since what it contains will reflect the sensibility of individual students, and will contain their responses to the different areas of learning, it should be regarded as a fundamental activity of the course.

Focus and selection of material

Students should not use the journal to engage with their personal emotions, but should strive to reflect on and analyse their experiences at various stages of development. Before adding anything to it, students should ask the questions “Why am I including this?” and “How is this a reflection of my experience of theatre, my discoveries in theatre, and the development of my knowledge, understanding and skills?”

Students should draw upon the journal as a useful resource once they start work on their independent project.

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