First Assessment May 2024

Research Presentation~World Theatre Tradition

Research Presentation is an External Assessment for IB Theatre
Weighting: SL 30% or HL 20%


Student Participation
Individual: Researcher, Presenter, Performer

Focus of the Assessment
A presentation of academic and practical exploration and learning of an unfamiliar world theatre

Assessment Tasks and Limits
- A video record of live presentation (3*5/15 minutes maximum) of an exploration of one performance convention.
- A list of all sources cited and any additional resources used during the presentation. minutes maximum) either

a. three discrete sections filmed over time (one for each of the assessment criteria)
b. as one continuous take at the end of the assessment task process.

Starting Point
- Student choice of unfamiliar world theatre practice and text (guided by teacher.)

Type of Research

- Research into an unfamiliar world theatre tradition

Role of the Theatre Journal

Students need to log their practical research and experimentation in their theatre journals as it provides key evidence to substantiate the basis of the understandings they have developed.

A visual record of these explorations (including photographs and video recordings) or a live
re-creation of these moments of research can act as significant pieces of evidence in this task and can be attributed as research sources.

The journal should also be used to capture the students’ discoveries, reflections, challenges, and insights regarding their understanding of world theatre.

When following the subsequent activities, it is important that students should keep a visual record of their explorations (including photographs and video recordings), particularly in the activities described in the sections “Exploring performance conventions” and “Experimenting with traditional performance material”.

 Photo credit: Pixabay