NEW  Collaborative Project

First Assessment May 2024

This page is under construction and will continue to be updated.
Collaborative Project is an External Assessment for IB Theatre
Weighting: SL 40% or HL 25%

The Collaborative Project (in a nutshell)

Students at SL and HL collaboratively create and perform an original piece of theatre (lasting 7–10 minutes maximum) created from a starting point of their choice. The piece is presented to an audience as a fully-realized production. Each student submits the following.

  1. A project report (a maximum of 10 pages of written text and images, with written text not exceeding 4,000 words) plus a list of all sources used.

  2. A video recording of the final piece (7–10 minutes maximum).

IB Theatre Guide - 2024 - page 29

Photo credit: Rehearsal for The Secret in the Wings - WSA 2015