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You are going to have to be a risk-taker and an inquirer with this assessment!

From Page to Stage

You will create a notebook that is no longer than 20 pages, which highlights your directorial intentions of staging a play chosen by yourself. You will never actually create the performance; so let your imagination run wild! 

~ You must choose a play and create the document. The play you choose must have been published.

~ The notebook should be written and created from your perspective as a director.

~ You should comment upon possible production elements, highlighting key ideas from the play and linking them to your own work.

~ You must consider and refer to any live performances that you may have seen, that have influenced your decisions. You should look at the production/performance elements that they have used, and how that has impacted their intention. What did they do to reach their intentions? How might you use these to reach your own intentions?

~ Consider your previous own directorial experiences too.

~ You may select key ‘moments’ from the entirety of the play to go into depth with. However, there must be at least two moments.

~ You should consider the design, style and any practice associated to your ‘performance’.

~ You cannot alter the text (the words) in any way, but you may add moments of music or movement and such, if suits and/or enhances your intentions.

~ You should draw, sketch, design your performance.

~ Consider the format that suits your performance. For example, if your performance concept is about colour, then focus on this in your notebook, as this is important to the piece.

~ You will submit a copy of your work in PDF format, ensuring all sources are cited, do not include your name, only identifier should be your IB Candidate Number.

Template courtesy of Rebekah Schneider
Theatre Teacher at
Gyeonggi Suwon International School

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