Research Presentation

Shadi al-Hallaq, the only shadow puppeteer left in Damascus.     BBC News Article found here

The Research Presentation

For this assessment, you will choose one practice from the prescribed list provided by the IB and explore the practice practically and physically. It should be a practice that is unfamiliar to you.

Subsequently, you will deliver a 15minutes (maximum) presentation to your peers, which will be filmed.



What Cultural context was this theatre tradition developed? Why was it developed? Why it was traditionally performed and did this performance tradition impact society?  Think intention and impact!

2: Elements

The overall focus of your presentation will be either: Gesture, Face, Body, Movement or Voice. Then, you will do a...

3. Demonstration

Apply your research to a moment of Theatre (this will be about 4minutes of your presentation). In your presentation, you should physically demonstrate your exploration, showing a work in progress. You need not apply your demonstration to the tradition directly, but it must be related to it. For example, you may chose to demonstrate Kathakali Mudras (Hand Gestures) in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Alternatively, you may build part of a Bunraku puppet as part of your research, which you use to help you explore the tradition practically. However, the focus should always be on the practical application of the tradition you have undertaken. Ensure you explain your demonstration. You may have some help with your demonstration from a peer, if needed. Ultimately, you will be assessed individually though.

4. Conclusion

Conclude and reflect upon your research, from the perspective of a performer.


  • Consider the presentation style, and your delivery, as this will be assessed too.
  • Try to include images and videos to enhance your presentation. You don’t necessarily need to make a ‘powerpoint/keynote’ but you must rehearse your presentation and subsequently, do not read from cards!
  • You may give handouts to your audience too. Remember, you are assessed on how well you actually deliver the presentation, so using and developing these transferable skills are very important.
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