Photo courtesy of Sasin Tipchai

Any of the World Theatre Traditions listed below
can be used for the Research Presentation

Additional Theatre Traditions you may want to research are:


Noh Theatre

Cantonese, Yueju and Peking Opera

Punch and Judy Puppets

Karagozi Shadow Puppets

Wayang Golek Puppetry

Kyogen Farce

Talchum Mask Dance

Hun Lakhon Lek Puppetry

Karagoz Shadow Puppetry


Comedy and Tragedy (Ancient Greece)

Comedy and Tragedy (Ancient Rome)

Topeng Dance

Yuan Drama or Zaju

Khayal Al-zill Shadow Puppets

English Renaissance Theatre

Victorian Melodrama

Comedy Of Manners or Restoration Comedy

Medieval Mystery Plays

French Farce

Barong Dance

Rakugo "Sit Down" Theatre

Khon Dance Drama

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